What is Co-housing?

Co-housing, also dubbed the sharing economy for housing, is a new way of life that is gradually manifesting itself in all corners of the world. Urbani is excited to offer this innovative concept on an affordable rental basis in the hearts of cities. 

A completely revamped utopian concept

The modern concept of co-housing as a first step towards sustainable housing originated in Denmark during the 1960s when a group of 50 families decided to bring to life the old African adage: “It takes a village to raise a child”. A utopian community project was born, with interconnected buildings and common areas created to deepen the ties between members of this “extended family”. The concept became a hit and was swiftly exported across borders, with particular appeal in the United States.  

Co-housing as we now know it is both collaborative and inclusive

The current concept of co-housing is a far cry from the spirit of the flower-power communities of the 1960s. Co-housing today is more about a housing community of individual homes created alongside shared facilities where residents can come together to develop their own or collective projects and/or exchange goods and services. The spirit in which residents come together today is in other words more collaborative and practical in nature, testing out a new form of solidarity. 

Co-housing as rental-based model

A significant number of co-housing schemes are based on the principle of joint purchase or co-investment; that is, financed by the residents themselves. Urbani has chosen to break with this tradition and offers you the opportunity to ‘rent’ in co-housing. This formula is a much better fit with our current lifestyles, where we are changing jobs, place of residence, and even our relationship status at an ever-faster rate. The result is increased isolation and less time to build a lasting social network, particularly in urban areas. Co-housing rentals provide just the right antidote to these new challenges and also proves that social networks are not just built via the internet, but can actually be developed in real life too! 

Co-housing : a sustainable housing vision

Urbani’s approach is good for both people and planet! It aims to have a positive social impact at the heart of the daily lives of its residents. From the start, during either construction or renovation phases, there is maximum integration to reduce the ecological footprint both in terms of energy production and water conservation or waste management. Urbani’s buildings are passive, carbon neutral, with double flow ventilation and solar panels. The private units also offer the necessary comfort thanks to their acoustic performance, air quality and superior choice of materials.