Urbani’s role

Urbani’s role is above all to provide and manage a building that offers you, the tenant, the best possible co-housing experience, equipped with quality facilities designed in the spirit of sustainability.

We leave the rest up to you and your fellow residents. 

During the project development phase, Urbani will

  • Select the buildings most suitable for the development of a co-housing scheme
  • Make all the necessary investments to optimize space, energy-related costs and the environmental footprint. 
  • Develop private units which blend harmoniously within the context of the whole project so that you will always feel at home whether at yours or with your neighbours 
  • Equip all spaces with both durable and easy-care materials 

During the start-up phase, OAZO will

  • Explain to interested tenants the advantages co-housing offers vs. ‘traditional’ housing
  • Gauge the suitability of potential tenants to fit in with the community  
  • Connect new tenants with their direct neighbours and others in the community

During the life phase of the project, OAZO will

  • Manage all administrative and technical aspects of the building(s). 
  • Take care of necessary technical interventions, as well as general maintenance of the building and its common areas.
  • Facilitate the settling in and departure of tenants; introduce new and existing tenants to each other 
  • Help to kickstart and stimulate social exchange between residents and mediate where necessary 
  • Provide the necessary tools to help realize collective projects (with the help of an annual budget equivalent to 1% of the total rental income collected during the previous calendar year) 
  • Facilitate total or partial self-management of the co-housing scheme
  • Set up a dynamic group to draw up internal rules tailored to each community 
  • Supervise a number of group meetings 
  • Keep a record (multi-annual) of important decisions 
  • Provide internal communication tools and channels to facilitate exchanges between the community