Think co-housing might be for you?

Are you looking for a place to rent? Do you have a leaning towards solidarity and social interaction? Are you open-minded, interested in the environment and social topics? Then OAZO is the place for you! 

The tenant

As the tenant of a co-housing scheme, you are consciously engaging yourself in a participative model, are willing to open yourself up to others and share common facilities and activities. What connects different tenants, who don’t necessarily know each other before joining the scheme, is the desire to live in a building in which helping each other and showing commitment come naturally. Your motivation says it all.   

Alternative housing solutions

Co-housing can therefore offer attractive alternative housing solutions for:

  • Families looking for an extensive social network 
  • Young families who prefer to live in the city but want their children to be able to safely play in outdoor spaces and make new friends
  • Expatriates or immigrants looking to soften the experience of being uprooted and far from home 
  • An elderly person who doesn’t want to feel isolated
  • Young professionals keen to hang onto their college ways and spirit but weaning themselves off communal living by looking for more privacy 
  • City dwellers looking for quality, green living spaces and a better social life 
  • Pioneers in search of a new, more engaged way of life 

Co-housing is a model that brings people together. Oazo welcomes you to explore your own motivations for pursuing this house- and lifestyle … as long as you are honest with yourself and others.