OAZO welcomes you as a tenant! The name is the result of a long period of reflection by Urbani on its co-housing projects. In an OAZO, each project is like a tree that houses several nests, where the spaces are designed with the specific intent of stimulating interaction between its residents. 

Sharing more than just walls!

In an OAZO, you will become part of a brand new scheme that is a frontrunner in creating a friendlier and more creative society both in terms of space and resources management, shared services as well as in energy transition. The private and collective are thought of as a ‘unity’, with each reinforcing the other. The location of an OAZO is selected and designed with care, both to respect privacy and encourage social interaction. We understand the importance of privacy in your home, whether with your family, partner or in your own company. But in your OAZO, nothing stops you from opening your home to others when you wish to do so… and to carry out joint projects or activities! 

Multiple common facilities

Developing ‘real’ relationships sits at the core of OAZO. The numerous shared areas within the building complex are specifically designed with that in mind. In consultation with your co-tenants, you can then decide how you want to use these shared spaces. In an OAZO, you will find, for example, the following facilities:

A spacious common room, usually equipped with a kitchen and lavatory. You can jointly prepare and enjoy a meal, organise a family reunion, a birthday party, a games or film night, host cooking classes or a yoga course open to all your neighbours – and even use the space for children to do their homework. The possibilities are endless.

A small multipurpose reception area possibly equipped with a small bathroom. Would you like to put up a friend in need or family member for a few days? Pamper a senior citizen with your good care, look after your grandchildren for the weekend, or do you simply need a quiet spot to work or study? This area is perfect for all unforeseen events. 

A common laundry room equipped with high-performance machines as well as enough space to fold your laundry. And while you’re there, a perfect moment to squeeze in a quick chat with your upstairs neighbour… 

Serviced outdoor spaces. Are you looking to create your own urban kitchen garden? Or compost heap? Grow even a few herbs or vegetables? OAZO not only gives you the wings, but also the roots! Whether it’s a garden, courtyard, terrace or playground that tickles your fancy, gardening with your neighbours, playing, chatting, sunbathing, meditating, reading, hiding, listening to birds, or organising a BBQ with friends and neighbours, it all awaits you at the OAZO.   

Infrastructure promoting soft mobility including a protected bicycle shed and a garage with an electrical charging facility.  

Social dynamics between residents

OAZO proposes an entirely new way of living: one which is collective and private at the same time, as well as flexible, modern, green and urban. In other words, a home that lends itself well to today’s somewhat hectic and unpredictabie rhythm… 

For example: you have screws but not a drill? Maybe your neighbour has an entire toolkit available that he will happily lend to you. In exchange, you can give his son a hand with his chemistry lesson  … Or are you are an elderly person that could do with some company? OAZA is a fervent promoter of multi-generational and multi-cultural exchanges. This rich variety of residents provides a reassuring presence for all. 

At the end of the day and regardless of the interactions, it is you, the residents, who jointly decide how to build your community. Whether you choose to meet up several times per week or only once a month around a large, shared buffet table, is of less importance. What matters is that the activities and interactions correspond with what all of you collectively want. 

Living together by consensus

Cultivating a culture of sharing and caring for all is an important dimension of the OAZA concept. The entire process of decision-making in relation to community life including the use of the buildings, joint activities and bringing improvements to living together, is a participative one. Thanks to communication boards in the common areas and the smart use of different social media channels, you are kept informed of news concerning your community. The self-management aspect also provides opportunities for reduced costs and efforts. More importantly, however, it will empower you as residents, providing you with pride and an increased sense of responsibility and ownership of your future home and community.