Co-housing combines the benefits of private living and sharing of common spaces. It can also help to restore the neighbourhood or village spirit within an urban context. It should not, however, be confused with the concept of co-living in one house.  

OAZO offers you the following benefits:

OAZO offers you the following benefits

  • Strengthen your social ties. You can rely on your fellow residents to help out with chores, and share goods and services. For example, car sharing is commonplace in co-housing communities. 
  • Achieve savings on energy bills and practically all other costs related to the building (garden tools, garage, washing machines, common areas etc.) 
  • The ability to live in a building which, in terms of quality and living space, would have normally been beyond your budget. OAZO allows you to experiment with co-housing without falling prey to costly, long-term and riskier commercial co-housing projects. Likewise, you will avoid rising property prices (when purchasing property)  
  • Beyond your own private unit, a superior living comfort thanks to shared spaces and infrastructure. 
  • The opportunity to try out a more participative, inclusive and engaged way of life 
  • Reduce your ecological footprint and become part of a community that is tackling environmental and societal challenges 

OAZO offers you the following benefits

  • An urban setting with a strong community spirit: a village atmosphere in the heart of the city 
  • A positive alternative to the surge in property prices that restricts your purchasing opportunities. 
  • Leave the cumbersome management of technical and administrative issues to Urbani 
  • Flexibility. You are free to leave when you please to pursue another life project.