What motivates us…

Our mission

Urbani’s mission is to enrich your quality of life through community housing. How do we do this? We design, construct and convert sustainable living spaces into co-housing schemes that bring you and your co-inhabitants together. That includes providing the right infrastructure and facilities to help build your community, all while paying the utmost respect for the environment as well as your freedom as an individual. 

Our vision

As owners of the properties, our intention is to help reverse rental habits. In other words, we expect you, as tenant, to take up a pro-active role as both actor and manager of your shared living environment. Being part of a community means you are living not only as an individual but also as part of a group. Getting to know your neighbours, nurturing those ties, and taking joint responsibility for the shared services – all cornerstones for the success of each project. Urbani is actively seeking to stimulate and help spread this new form of co-living project. 

Our values


Honesty, fairness and equality. These are the values Urbani stands for. At all times, we strive to reconcile the interests of all.  


We are constantly looking for innovative and affordable solutions to improve both your quality of life and the experience of living with others.  


We only work with the most efficient energy technologies. This is our contribution to approaching sustainability and reducing our environmental footprint. 


Embracing differences provides enrichment – this is what we believe. We therefore encourage you to open yourself up to the other residents, in that way strengthening your social ties.