Urbani is a pioneering family-run property developer focused on the rapidly expanding co-housing rentals segment in the heart of urban centres. More than just constructing buildings, Urbani develops living spaces where comfort and sustainability go hand in hand, where you can reach out to your neighbours rather than skirt around them! We use durable materials throughout and provide plenty of green areas to create your own oasis in the city. With this approach, we meet the most stringent environmental standards. 

In an Urbani-developed building

In an Urbani-developed building, you will be living in a private, eco-friendly home clustered around cosy and comfortable shared spaces. Urbani is about so much more than just providing accommodation. You will be exposed to a completely different way of living; one where residents will be sharing social, economic, ecological and societal aspects of their lives on a daily basis. 

The concept centres on your relationships with Urbani and the other tenants. Mutual trust and partnership is a must. Together with other members of your community you will be managing the use of the shared spaces in order to develop group projects and partake in any other activities. What shape or form these group activities take is entirely up to you and your fellow tenants. But you can rest assured that Urbani will be enthusiastically supporting each initiative that brings the residents closer together and strengthens these relationships.