Brick by brick

Building with respect

Urbani is a family business that began developing an independent property portfolio since the end of the 1980s. From the start, though, it was already clear that Urbani would not follow the well-trodden path of most property developers. Fostering a mutually beneficial relationship between owner and tenant has always and continues to be at the heart of its philosophy. 

Eco-conscious renting

Driven by a long-term vision and strong ecological convictions, Urbani pioneers a new era of sustainable property development in 2004. Environmental protection and energy efficiency take center stage. Brick by brick, the entire portfolio is converted to meet stringent new environmental standards. Its properties are branded ‘model sustainable buildings’ by BATEX, Brussels Environment (a government institute responsible for promoting the construction and renovation of sustainable buildings in the Brussels-Capital region). And it is with this recognition that Urbani decides to focus wholeheartedly on the development, rental and management of its own projects. 

Cohousing Rentals

In 2015, Urbani takes another important step in improving the quality of its projects. The focus shifts from the home as a collection of bricks to the people living inside these homes: you, the inhabitants. How can we further improve your quality of life? With this and other questions, co-housing is finally born. Since then, Urbani has been developing and converting its rental properties with this innovative concept in mind.